About me

Engineering Manager, Consultant, ex-Database and Java developer. Over 12 years in IT, mostly in Insurance sector, but also with a history of work for the most popular shopping platform in Poland and small startups.
In my career, I lead Teams from 5 to 12 people, sometimes a few teams at this same time. From technical site I mostly worked with the Databases, but from last few years JVM stack, Cloud and CI/CD processes are the things on which I focused most. I like to share my knowledge, experience and thoughts, but what I enjoy most is participating in interesting discussions.

I like being in a place where I can take responsibility for a product or process that I can work on with a team. Furthermore, I am characterized by the fact that when I encounter a problem, I want to find the direct cause, and when optimizing processes, I try to make them as user-friendly as possible for everyone involved.

In private, father of an adventurous Boy and in relationship with a great Woman. I like great trips and good food. Also, I’m a fan of F1.

If you have visited this site, I want you to know that most engineering posts will be in English, but private posts will be written in Polish.